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Things You Can Do To Protect Your Home Against Bats

Bats are the most impressive and valuable nocturnal animals out there. Their contribution to our ecosystem and environment is essential to the life and growth of numerous crops and plants. Thanks to bats, many plants and flowers are pollinated, fruit and nut seeds are spread around, and harmful insect populations are reduced, meaning less pesticides are used.

However, as much as we appreciate all that they do, no one wants them living in their home, as they can pose risks to your health and damage structures. The Outdoors Group will help you understand what attracts them to your home and provide some tips to help prevent cohabitation with them.

Why Are They In Your Home?

First things first, why did they choose your home as their “vacation property”? As self-sufficient as bats may be, your home has a few amenities they desire, such as a warm, dry place to hibernate or take care of their young. If your property has an ample supply of insects, then trust that bats have most definitely scoped out the place. Once they establish where to go, they must determine if they can get in. So, let’s look at how they can accomplish that.

How Did They Get In?

Unlike vampires, bats do not need to be invited to gain access to your home. It only takes an opening the size of your small finger (roughly a half-inch wide) to allow a bat to enter your house. That is not a significant size, so often, it is overlooked by business owners and homeowners. Here are some specific areas to focus on when checking your home or other structures:
  • Windows/framing – look for gaps around windows and framing. Also, check that the screens are secure.
  • Chimney – if not probably secured, it is a prominent place for wildlife to get in.
  • Roof – damaged shingles can provide an entrance to your attic and can be difficult to detect.
  • Soffits and fascia boards – damage due to weather conditions can lead to rotting facia boards, which in turn will create openings.
  • Vents – more spacious than cracks, and the heat can draw the attention of insects as well as the bats.

How Can You Prevent Bats From Entering?

Here at The Outdoors Group, we understand that time and money are important to you. So, we want to give you a few tips on how to prevent these little “creatures of the night” from costing you that precious time and hard-earned money, including:
  • Keep windows shut and make sure screens are secure and without damage.
  • Replace your outdoor light bulbs with yellow ones. That will reduce the number of insects around your house that bats may be looking for.
  • Check your chimney! Bats love using the chimney as an entry point. You can have professionals install a stainless-steel cap and wire mesh covering to prevent them from gaining access.
  • Place a fake owl nearby. Yes, it seems silly but hear us out. Bats have few natural enemies, but owls are one of them. Placing an artificial one high up near your home may deter them from camping out on your property.
  • Call a professional to seal any openings, cracks, or holes you may see. It is important to hire an industry pro to tackle this job to make sure there are no bats or pups (bat babies) trapped inside, and that they are handled properly if found.

A Word Of Caution Do NOT use mothballs to deter bats, and do not harm or kill any bats you may discover. Mothballs are extremely hazardous to your health and not safe to use. It can lead to severe lung conditions and jeopardize you and your family. Also, please reconsider if you are thinking of harming the bats or killing them to remove them. Bats are a federally protected species; you can be incarcerated and fined. Not to mention, you are only harming our beloved planet; we need bats. Please hire a professional to handle the removal of bats from your home and property. Without nature’s night shift exterminators, our environment would be in terrible condition. Contact The Outdoors Group today for your free inspection and quote! We offer a range of services and operate 24/7 for your wildlife removal and repair needs.

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