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The Dangerous Health Effects of Contaminated Insulation

The Dangers of Why Proper Replacement and Sanitation is Important.

You just dealt with the hassle of a wildlife infestation in your attic. The animals were removed but a lingering smell persists. They are gone, why would there still be an odor? The answer lies in your home’s insulation. All wildlife that may reside in your attic will leave traces of their habitation, especially in the insulation. Not only can the destruction be severe, but the dirty insulation is extremely hazardous to your well-being and safety. We care about your health so we are going to explain what residual effects are left behind, why it is important to take action, and what you should do to fix it.

What Happened to Your Attic During the Wildlife Infestation?

When an animal takes up residency in your attic, they truly make themselves at home. Not only do they destroy anything they may need in order to build a suitable nest, but the entire area will also become their personal bathroom. Gross! The insulation will be used to nest in and will get trampled on, which will decrease your home’s energy efficiency and cost you money. That in itself can be frustrating and expensive. However, the feces and urine left behind soak into the insulation like it is a sponge. Since most HVAC units are positioned in the attic, your home will be contaminated with airborne diseases that this soiled insulation has growing in it. This will put your family at risk. Some animals can be more hazardous than others. So, let’s look at some specifics.

The Extreme Dangers of Contaminated Insulation

There are a host of diseases that wildlife can transmit, but let’s look closely at two of the most common home/attic invaders: bats and rodents. It is well known that rodents leave behind droppings everywhere they please. What may not be known is that the feces can contain a variety of diseases that can also be airborne and jeopardize your health. However, the worse offender is bats. Exposure to bad guano can cause a serious lung disease called Histoplasmosis. Histoplasma (which causes Histoplasmosis) is a fungus, which can be found in bat guano, and the spores of this fungus will become airborne and make you very sick! People who have a weakened immune system may not ever recover. It is important that proper cleaning and removal of solid areas has been accomplished after a wildlife infestation. Just because the company removed the animal(s) does not mean they sanitized the space or addressed the insulation.

What Should You Do?

Because the contaminated insulation can be so dangerous to handle, the only way to safely ensure the health of you and your family is to call a professional. The trained technicians have the appropriate protective suits and respirators needed to work with such disease-ridden material. The Outdoors Group offers sanitation and insulation removal/replacement services at a cost-effective price and with the highest quality of work. Contact The Outdoors Group today for your free home inspection quote!

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