commonly asked questions

Yes, we carry all necessary licensing and comply with all local, State and Federal regulations.

Yes. We carry adequate general liability insurance for all residential and commercial projects.

Yes, our no cost wildlife inspection is done from the ground, on the roof and in the attic. This ensures a thorough inspection to determine entry points, damage, and potential problem areas.

Yes, most of the time. If major construction is required and we can’t do it, we will recommend a reputable, qualified and licensed contractor who can.

All of our worked is backed with a 100% written GUARANTEE.

Yes, when we remove a raccoon family from an attic the process is typically complete within an hour. The raccoon family is also allowed to remain together so the mother can continue to care for her young. We will then repair the damaged areas and close any potential openings to prevent future problems.

Yes, in most cases. We relocate healthy squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, and foxes. This varies from state to state so check with your local office.

Our company policy is to comply with local regulations. We feel a 10 mile radius is sufficient enough to prevent animals from returning to your property.

Every project is unique and a specific price can not be standard. Please call our office for current pricing information at (770)545-4388

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash, Checks, Bitcoin (BTC/USD), Etherium (ETH/USD) and Cardano (ADA/USD).

We have field experience in all aspects of wildlife management. We are licensed trappers through the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. We participate in quarterly training to ensure we are using the most efficient and humane animal control methods available.