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professional wildlife removal in Buckhead, ga

At some point residential and commercial customers of Buckhead will need wildlife removal. When this happens, its critical to get the problem fixed quickly before major damage at your home occurs. Nuisance wildlife can be more than just a pain to deal with. They can also threaten your family’s health from diseases carried in their droppings.

The Outdoors Group will take care of the current problem and ensure your home is sealed properly to avoid future ones.   You can rest easy knowing your Buckhead home is sealed from rats, squirrels, raccoons, bats and other types of wildlife.

wildlife removal
NOTE: If you have a dog or cat problem, call Fulton County Animal Control: (404) 613-0358

What is a nuisance animal?

Wild animals that can cause problems in homes, commercial buildings, gardens or yards include armadillos, skunks, wild pigs, foxes, squirrels, snakes, rats, groundhogs, beavers, opossums, raccoons, bats, moles, deer, mice, coyotes, bears, ravens, seagulls, woodpeckers and pigeons. In the United States, some of these species are protected, such as bears, ravens, bats, deer, woodpeckers, and coyotes, and a permit may be required to control some species.

Wildlife We Manage

Our wildlife program isn’t just for commercial customers, we also specialize in managing residential wildlife such as squirrels, bats, groundhogs, opossums, coyotes, bobcat, fox, beaver, snakes and other nuisance wildlife.

Squirrel Removal

Once squirrels have found a way into your attic they can begin widespread damage to insulation, wiring, utters, soffits, fascia boards along with other roof damage.

Bat removal

Bats can be extremely destructive and pose a great health risk as they can spread disease and contaminate your home with mold and bacteria,

Raccoon removal in west georgia

Raccoon removal

Raccoons a.k.a "Trash Pandas" can find their way into your attic to have their offspring causing damage to your siding, soffits, gutters and insulation contamination.

Groundhog Removal

If not properly controlled, groundhogs can cause major structural damage to your home or business when burrowing. They can also chew through electrical lines and other piping.

Beaver removal

Beavers can cause considerable property and water damage while they attempt to create a suitable home for themselves.

Opossum Removal

Once opossums find their way into your attic they can destroy your insulation with urine and feces along with inviting parasites and bacterial growth.

Predator removal

Predators often invade your property in search for easy food sources and can in some cases cause harm to family members and pets.

Bird Control

Birds can be a real nuisance, pose potential health risks by spreading disease and cause damage to roofs, gutters, decks and automobiles.

Snake Removal

Snakes are known to be a problem around clutter, wooded areas, water sources and areas with thick ground cover. They can also bite if provoked.