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Our Process

When wildlife gains access to your home or business there are many things that can happen. The intrusive animal can leave behind fecal matter, urine, parasites, bacteria, and mold which can linger in the home. This can cause the air being circulated to become contaminated. If the problem is not professionally cleaned, the bacteria and mold could grow. We offer partial and complete removal, replacement, and sanitization of the attic and or crawlspace and any exterior surfaces that have been impacted by wildlife, leaving it clean and energy efficient!

damage done to insulation by unwanted pests in the attic, Pest damage in attic,

Contaminated attic insulation from
small brown bat guano and urine

What Makes Us Different


First things first...

Before we can begin any sanitization or remediation process, the wildlife must be excluded and removed from the structure. The process is harmless to the animal and ensures they can exit safely. Once all wildlife has been removed and your home has been sealed, we can start cleaning and sanitizing the affected space.


Access & Remove

The second step involves a specialized assessment by one of our trained and experienced wildlife technicians. We will conduct an evaluation of the affected area(s) to determine the level of contamination and damage that exists. If the area affected is inside your attic, we will also assess the quality of the insulation and overall structure. Our technicians will then provide recommendations for restoration. See more about our insulation extraction and replacement process here.
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Clean & Sanitize

We make it a priority to clear contaminated materials from your home and return it to a healthy, livable environment. We do this by using the industry’s leading techniques and equipment: vacuums, HEPA filtration systems, moisture reducing fans, safe cleaning products, deodorizers, and advanced breathing equipment.

Red Dumpster Bin on a Driveway

Prevent & Protect

After we have successfully restored your attic and insulation, our service also includes any necessary repairs and the installation of additional materials to prevent any future wildlife from gaining access to your structure.

Blown-In Insulation Benefits

Having your home well insulated translates to it being energy efficient. In a typical residential install, blown-in insulation enhances energy efficiency throughout the building, improves the heating and cooling cycles, as well as increases HVAC performance. Blown-in insulation is cost-effective and provides satisfactory insulation value throughout the structure.

Pest damage in attic, damage done to insulation by unwanted pests in the attic

Blow-in insulation for additional energy efficiency

Lee Scarborough
Lee Scarborough
Extremely satisfied 110%! very thorough and accurate. Got rid of the bats and made sure they can’t come back. This will be your first and last company to call to get rid of your little critters guaranteed!
Kathryn Neal
Kathryn Neal
David is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain his process every step of the way. He went above and beyond for us and we are so appreciative! We will definitely call David for any issues in the future!
Teresa Roach
Teresa Roach
David @ The Outdoors Group was professional, kind, efficient and did an excellent job... did exactly what he said he would and more. Will always be my first call and also recommendation for any services he provides. Thanks from me and my husband for doing an excellent job and providing superior customer service.
Marquila Nicole Mack
Marquila Nicole Mack
Dave took great care of me and my home . I had bats and I was terrified ! He got them out without a problem ! Thanks Dave and the Outdoor Group ❤️
Sarah Freeman-Rodgers
Sarah Freeman-Rodgers
I can’t say enough about how pleased I am about my service I have some bats that need to be removed and Batman was wonderful he came in the middle of the night when one of the beds got through he made it feel like I was a part of his family come in myself and my granddaughters down at the reason we got to get out and go to the hotel he assured us that it was OK to stay and I would recommend him to anyone best service I’ve ever had in years
Dennis Blackmon
Dennis Blackmon
David is on time, knowledgeable and courteous. Bats are gone. The performance exceeded the promise.
Jacqueline Brown
Jacqueline Brown
The outdoors group did an amazing job! Super fast and friendly! Even go above and beyond to educate you! Highly recommend!
joseph smith
joseph smith
Great company to hire. Bats are no longer freeloading in my attic. Exclusion was harmless for the bats and painless for us. David was very personable and attentive. He also does a great job of explaining everything upfront. Will definitely be a return customer if needed in the future!