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Beavers are fascinating creatures that play an essential role in the ecosystem, but their activities can lead to significant problems when they encroach on residential and commercial properties. The Outdoors Group offers expert beaver removal services to address these issues effectively and humanely.

About Beavers and Their Ecological Impact

Beavers, often referred to as nature’s engineers, create wetlands by building dams. These wetlands can enhance biodiversity, improve water quality, and provide habitats for various species. However, the same activities that benefit natural environments can pose challenges when they occur near human habitats. Beaver dams can alter water flow, potentially flooding areas that were previously dry and affecting local ecosystems in ways that are not always beneficial.

Damage in Residential and Commercial Areas

In residential and commercial settings, beavers can cause significant damage. They can cut down trees for dam construction and food, which can harm landscapes and property. Their dams can lead to flooding, impacting homes, roads, and infrastructure. In agricultural areas, beaver activity can flood crops and pastures, leading to economic losses. Blocked drainage systems can worsen these flooding issues, resulting in costly repairs and maintenance.

Humane Removal and Habitat Modification

Addressing beaver-related problems requires a humane approach involving both removal and habitat modification. Trapping is a common method for safely removing beavers from problematic areas. To prevent future issues, habitat modification techniques such as installing flow devices to manage water levels, removing dams with heavy equipment, and using tree guards can be effective. Creating buffer zones with plants that beavers do not prefer can also help reduce their impact on certain areas.

Why Choose The Outdoors Group?

At The Outdoors Group, we prioritize humane and effective wildlife management solutions. Our team is experienced in handling beaver-related issues, ensuring that your property is protected. We offer comprehensive services that include:

  • Wildlife Management: Addressing various wildlife issues with expert knowledge and care.
  • Services: Providing a range of services from inspection to removal and habitat modification.
  • Blog: Offering insights and tips on wildlife management through our informative blog.
  • FREE INSPECTION: Contact us to schedule a free inspection and receive a tailored solution for your beaver problem.

Areas We Serve

Contact Us for Professional Beaver Removal

If you are dealing with beaver-related issues on your property, don’t hesitate to contact The Outdoors Group. Our team is dedicated to providing humane and effective solutions to protect your property and ensure the safety of the local ecosystem. Schedule your free inspection today and let us help you find the best solution for your beaver problem.

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Highly recommend this group! From start to finish, Dave has been kind, considerate and informative about the situation and how it would be taken care of. His price was reasonable and fair, and the guys who helped with the last portion of the plan, were courteous and hardworking. I hope you don't ever have a problem like mine, but if you do...call the Outdoor Group! They're awesome.
Tresa Kenkel
We discovered that we had bats in our attic! David answered our call late on a Friday and was so helpful. He explained how bats come to live in houses, the hazards this presents, and how they can be legally removed. They started work and finished on schedule and always showed up on time as promised. I will definitely call on this company again if needed!
Kimberly Buckner
David did an outstanding job walking us through the process and he did very thorough work. We've not had any rat or mice issues since he sealed up the house. He even came back a week later just to install a better vent covering once he got one back in stock. We would highly recommend the Outdoors Group to anyone in need of wildlife management.
Brendan Kretzschmar

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