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Birds, while beautiful and beneficial for pest control and pollination, can cause significant problems when they invade your home or business. At The Outdoors Group, we offer expert bird control services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our skilled team ensures your property remains protected from these feathered intruders using humane and effective methods.

Bird Barrier Badge

Are birds affecting your commercial building or home? We are Bird Barrier Certified Installers.

Identifying Bird Issues

Birds can cause extensive damage to physical structures and create unsanitary conditions. Woodpeckers, for example, can damage siding, chimneys, and roofs, while other birds can contaminate food sources, block drainage systems, and spread diseases. Prompt action is essential to prevent these issues and maintain a healthy environment.

Understanding the Value of Commercial Bird Control

The presence of birds can create significant challenges and hazardous conditions for your employees, patrons, and guests. Their presence can have far-reaching consequences, negatively impacting air quality, damaging critical equipment, contaminating products, and leading to unsanitary and difficult-to-clean messes. In some cases, the mere sight of birds can even result in audit failures or inspections, often leading to costly shutdowns and lost revenue for your business.

Birds are known to congregate, nest, and roost in a variety of common areas around your facilities, including:

  • Building exteriors: Birds may find nesting sites and roosting spots on the exterior walls, ledges, and other architectural features of your buildings.
  • Sign lettering: The crevices and spaces within sign lettering can provide ideal nesting and roosting locations for birds.
  • Open parking lots with light posts: The combination of open spaces and elevated perches, such as light posts, can attract birds to congregate in your parking areas.
  • Unsecured dumpsters: Easily accessible food sources and shelter can draw birds to congregate around unsecured waste disposal areas.
  • Flat roof areas: The flat surfaces and lack of predators can make flat roofs an attractive nesting and roosting spot for birds.
  • HVAC units: The warmth, shelter, and elevated positions provided by HVAC equipment can be appealing to birds.
  • Wall voids: Gaps and spaces within the walls of your buildings can offer birds ideal nesting and roosting locations.
  • Steeples: The elevated, sheltered, and often inaccessible nature of steeples can make them prime targets for bird nesting and roosting.
  • Balconies, ledges, chimney stacks, guttering, and culverts: These architectural features and structures can all provide birds with suitable nesting and roosting sites around your facilities.
  • Tree cavities: If your property has trees, the natural cavities and hollows within them can serve as bird nesting and roosting areas.

Addressing the presence of birds in and around your facilities is crucial to maintaining a safe, clean, and compliant environment for your employees, patrons, and guests. Proactive measures to identify and mitigate bird-related risks can help you avoid the costly consequences of bird-related issues, such as air quality problems, equipment damage, product contamination, and potential regulatory violations.

Humane Bird Removal

Our bird control process starts with a detailed inspection to identify problematic species, nesting sites, and the extent of the infestation. We utilize humane methods such as our hazing program to discourage and relocate birds without harm. Our services ensure that your property remains safe and clean.

Importance of Timely Bird Control

Birds can cause structural damage, spread diseases, and create unsanitary conditions. Prompt intervention is crucial to prevent these problems and maintain a healthy environment. Ignoring bird infestations can lead to costly repairs and potential health risks for occupants.

Certified Bird Barrier Installer

The Outdoors Group is a certified installer of Bird Barrier products, ensuring that we use the most effective and humane solutions for bird control. We install and maintain Bird Barrier products throughout the southeast, providing comprehensive protection for your property.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Humane Exclusion Methods

We prioritize humane exclusion methods, ensuring birds are removed safely and without harm. Our techniques comply with federal protection laws, ensuring a responsible and ethical removal process.

Detailed Assessments and Repairs

Our wildlife technicians conduct thorough evaluations to determine the level of contamination and damage. We provide comprehensive recommendations for restoring affected areas, ensuring your property is safe and livable.

Advanced Cleaning and Sanitization

Using advanced cleaning and sanitization techniques, we remove all contaminants left by birds. Our equipment includes vacuums, HEPA filtration systems, moisture-reducing fans, safe cleaning products, and deodorizers.

Preventive Measures to Keep Birds Away

After restoring your property, we perform necessary repairs and install additional materials to prevent future wildlife access. This holistic approach ensures long-term protection and peace of mind.

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Schedule Your Bird Control Inspection

If you suspect a bird infestation in your property, contact The Outdoors Group today. Our team is ready to provide professional, reliable, and humane bird control services. Schedule an inspection and let us create a tailored solution to meet your needs.

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Highly recommend this group! From start to finish, Dave has been kind, considerate and informative about the situation and how it would be taken care of. His price was reasonable and fair, and the guys who helped with the last portion of the plan, were courteous and hardworking. I hope you don't ever have a problem like mine, but if you do...call the Outdoor Group! They're awesome.
Tresa Kenkel
We discovered that we had bats in our attic! David answered our call late on a Friday and was so helpful. He explained how bats come to live in houses, the hazards this presents, and how they can be legally removed. They started work and finished on schedule and always showed up on time as promised. I will definitely call on this company again if needed!
Kimberly Buckner
David did an outstanding job walking us through the process and he did very thorough work. We've not had any rat or mice issues since he sealed up the house. He even came back a week later just to install a better vent covering once he got one back in stock. We would highly recommend the Outdoors Group to anyone in need of wildlife management.
Brendan Kretzschmar

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