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Professional Wildlife Removal Services in West Georgia.

Who We Are

We are a group of licensed wildlife professionals that provide your home and business, including farms and FAA airports, with the most effective, humane animal control methods available. Our staff consists of outdoor enthusiasts and nuisance wildlife control experts that are licensed in Georgia.

Our goal is to develop wildlife management programs that protect your property and family against unwanted visitors using methods that are safe for you as well as the animals.

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We know how busy and stressful life can get, and that is why we work hard to schedule your inspection at a time that is convenient for you. Scheduling your home’s inspection has never been easier! 



We understand it can be uncomfortable having someone work at your home.  We want you to know that every member of our staff is fully licensed and insured so you never have to worry about an inexperienced technician being at your home.

wildlife in your home or business?

If you think there might be a wildlife infestation in your home, there is no time to waste.
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Step 1:


The first thing our team will do when they arrive at your home is determine the type of wildlife entering the home and where they are getting in. We’ll inspect:  the attic, exterior walls, roof, gutter lines, and foundation. We will look for gaps and holes that wildlife could potentially gain access through. When we identify these locations, we can begin developing a solution for exclusion and removal. Schedule your wildlife inspection here!

Step 2:


Once we determine where wildlife can get in and out of the house, we will work to seal every opening. One of the most effective ways to seal large holes in your exterior walls or attic is with a variety of heavy-duty materials. The materials we use are made from galvanized steel so that wildlife and other critters can’t chew through, grab onto, or tear it apart.

Step 3:


After we exclude the wildlife, we set up a series of exit locations outside your house usually along the roof line. The exit locations are then monitored for up to 14 days to confirm the targeted wildlife has exited the area unharmed. Once we have confirmed all wildlife has been removed from your home, we begin the repair process.

Step 4:


We will start with disinfecting and sterilizing the affected areas. We recommend that you replace any contaminated insulation and repair damaged areas that have been caused by the wildlife intrusion. The Outdoors Group offers several home repair services such as soffit and fascia repair, gutter replacement, general construction, light roof repair, and home cleaning services that will bring your home back to the way it was before  animals invaded it.

introducing our new

home SERVICES division

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to the busy homeowner through
modern technology, fast communication, and friendly service. We now offer insulation
removal /replacement and sanitization of your attic space and exterior surfaces affected by wildlife.

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