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How To Remove Raccoons From Your Attic

During the spring and early summer raccoons give birth to a litter of kits. A litter can range from 1 to 8 babies with 3 to 5 being the typical number. Urban raccoons like to den in attics and crawl spaces. It’s dark, secluded, and usually has insulation for bedding. Kits stay warm and are protected from elements and predators. The kits make a very distinctive chirping sound which can usually be heard through the ceiling or floor by the occupant. 


Our first course of action is to try to “evict” the raccoons.  We spray the kits with a liquid called eviction fluid. It contains predator urine and raccoon musk. This signals to the mother that the nest is in danger. Then we give the mother a few days to move the kits. We have to give her enough time to find a new home and then carry each kit there one by one. When the occupant stops hearing the noise from the raccoons, we come back and make sure they’re all gone then seal the entry point(s). 


In the event the mother does not relocate we have alternate methods to try. We can place traps on the ground next to a tree or fence that the mother is using to get onto the roof. We might also install a one way door. The mother is able to leave but unable to get back in. In either of these scenarios, after the mother is out of the attic we hand remove the kits. If possible we place them in a box outside so that she may relocate them. If she still does not act then the kits are taken to a rehabilitor. Our goal is always to solve our customer’s problem while trying to keep the raccoon family together when possible.

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