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The Outdoors Group Opens Branch In Jacksonville, Fl

The Outdoors Group, LLC is proud to announce the expansion of their services territory to include Jacksonville, Fla. The Jacksonville operation is being managed by Wesley Curtis, an experienced and licensed wildlife removal expert. The Outdoors Group is now available to handle all your nuisance wildlife needs humanely and with a strong focus on providing the best customer service and superior quality of work.


Mr. Curtis, regional manager, has 20 years of experience in pest and wildlife control. Mr. Curtis’ specialty is nuisance wildlife removal. He has “managed a wildlife division and led a team of nuisance trappers for years.” He is delighted to be a part of The Outdoors Group and to serve the Jacksonville community. Customer service is important to Mr. Curtis who “was raised with a ‘customer for life’ background.”


There are a variety of animals that can cause destruction to businesses and homes in Jacksonville including, but not limited to, squirrels, racoons, birds, armadillos, snakes, beavers, and coyotes. The Outdoors Group is trained to manage the humane removal of those animals, as well as implementing techniques to prevent the animals from re-entering the home or business. They offer several services:

  • Home exclusions
  • Exterior trapping
  • Bird control

The Outdoors Group is ready to deliver the highest quality of service to the residents of Jacksonville by making sure the location affected by wildlife is restored to a clean and safe environment.


The Outdoors Group has been family owned and operated since 2009. They are a dedicated wildlife management and repair company that uses the most effective and humane animal removal techniques available. They serve the West Georgia area and Jacksonville. Their mission is to provide premium customer service, professional repairs, and long-term results that can be trusted.

If you would like additional information please contact us:

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